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Marketing communications & technical writing expertise

Milka Pejovic, Marketing Communications and Technical Writer

Milka Pejovic, Marketing Communications and Technical Writer

– Extensive writing experience for dozens of companies, including corporate communications, PR (press releases and editorial articles), marketing communications materials (copywriting, advertising, brochures, datasheets, online content, blogging, print and email newsletters, tradeshow signage, promotions, product launches, etc).
– Technical writing experience for companies in high tech, industrial automation and industrial equipment field.
– Proven track record in public relations with national and international experience – producing spread-out exposure, including magazine front covers, product exclusives, technical articles, success stories, and product awards.
– Experience working with both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies, trade publications, editors, internal marketing departments, and creative agencies.
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Customer Testimonials

“It was a great experience working with Milka on creating catalog content for a new product our company has. She did a great job researching the niche industry and researching all the key players. The deliverable was good quality content that we can use in our catalog and on our website.” – Mark Friesen, Director of Marketing, Vortex Valves

“Milka was a great find for me as a freelance writer. She turns out great results on time and within budget, but what makes her most valuable is her thoughtful approach to content development and deep marketing/market engagement experience. I highly recommend Milka and plan on working with her on future projects as well.” – Ian Palmer, Head of Marketing, Reprints Desk

“Having Milka as our outsourced Marketing Manager has helped us reduce significant cost and achieved a high level of marketing. She really gets to know her customers, products and market just as she was a regular employee. That is very helpful especially in the planning stage of every marketing campaign, web site and graphic designed and more important to communicate our ideas to our customers.” – Joel Chait, Director of Sales, ISC Group LLC

“Milka is a passionate and dedicated marketing professional. She knows what it takes to win in sales and can deliver when it comes to structure and messaging.” – Paul Antolli, VP of Sales, Veeco Metrology Group

“Milka’s strategic thinking skills enable her natural ability to see the “big picture” and develop integrated marketing communication strategies that contribute to the company’s corporate goals.” – Theresa Houck, Executive Editor, Putnam Media

“Milka is a multi-talented marketing professional who contributed in many different ways to our success. She was responsible for our public relations, marketing communications, website, graphic design, internal publications, trade shows, and other important marketing tasks. If we did not have Milka, we would have had to hire two or three people to replace her.” – Rob Samuelsen, Former President, Redlake MASD

“I just wanted to let you know that Redlake’s new ad in Advanced Imaging is a tremendous improvement over what has been put out in the past. It actually has relevant information and gives an indication of what Redlake represents.” – Judy Duncan, Former Product Manager, Redlake MASD/Duncantech

“I just read the latest issue of the [Hardy] email newsletter and I wanted to tell you how impressed I am. What is most impressive is the professional layout and the respectful use of the reader’s time… I know that hou must carefully edit the text to convey a lot in a few words. I think this is really helping to get the word out and to position us as a leader in the market. Thanks for the great job.” – Dave Ness, Former President, Hardy Instruments

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