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7 Reasons To Hire Me

7 reasons to hire me as marketing communications & technical writer

1) You will get the expertise and the attention you deserve without an agency’s high rates and extensive overhead:
Just like everything else, you get what you pay for and I don’t claim to be cheap (see my fee schedule). I’m still less expensive than a marketing agency using large overhead. An agency’s account manager acts as a middle man between you and the people working on your project, which can lead to miscommunication and longer timelines. Many agencies also tend to work on monthly retainers and charge a hefty fee for projects often assigned to recent college grads with little experience. By working with me, you’re in direct contact with the person who is handling your project from beginning to end.

2) You will save time and resources so you can concentrate on growing your business:
Writing your marketing communications and technical materials may not be easy for you and take more time out of your workday that you’d like. Or you may have an understaffed and/or overworked marketing / corporate communications department who can’t find the bandwidth to tackle one-time or recurring projects. By assigning your marketing communications and technical writing assignments to me, you can focus on other important areas of your business.

3) You will bring an outside perspective to the table and retain customer focus:
When creating their marketing communications materials, many companies make the mistake of focusing on themselves, simply listing how good their products and services are. That may be accurate, but most buyers want to know “what’s in it for them”. I’ll ensure that your message is focused on your customers and not your own organization. A good marketing writer is also a good listener, so I’ll ask you to share with me what your exact purpose is (e.g. generate leads, reach out to current prospects, promote a new product, retain customers, etc) to to help you reach your goal in the most effective and convincing way.

4) You will permanently ban “corporatese” out of your marketing communications materials:
Many outside agencies are guilty of perpetuating the use of corporatese jargon (“cutting-edge”, “state-of-the-art”, “industry-leading”, etc) that don’t provide much substance to your prospects. That’s because they don’t spend enough time to understand your customer needs and think those words do actually sell. Meaningful, relevant, quantified and qualified facts about your products and services will differentiate you from the competition and can be powerful sales generators. I also apply the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle to all the marketing materials I create for you, making it easy for your prospects to process the information.

5) You will complete your marketing and technical writing projects in less time:
Since I don’t have extensive overhead and many communication channels to manage, I usually can turn things around faster than a larger-size agency. If I can’t meet your deadline because of already scheduled projects, I’ll let you know. Then you can decide if your schedule is flexible or if you need to outsource the job to someone else.

6) You will get creative design if you need it, and it may be through referral:
Beware of graphic designers that promise you they can create marketing communications materials as well as design them. Marketing communications and graphic design are two different skills and most people are better at one than the other. I have designed many marketing materials for print and online use, but at this time, I prefer to focus on the writing part of marketing communications. I can refer you to several talented designers who can create compelling marketing materials, all for a lot less than an outside agency.

7) You will get a free 30-minute phone consultation:
That’s when you get to pitch me your marketing communications or technical writing project. During that time, I can also provide a free critique of your current materials, telling you what’s good and where you may want to make some improvements. This offer is almost as good as a free lunch, without the calories.

Sounds pretty fair and square, right? Contact me so we can discuss your marketing communications or technical writing projects in more detail.

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