Milka Pejovic

Marketing Communications & Technical Writing

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Milka Pejovic, Marketing Communications and Technical Writer

You have a lot of options when it comes to hiring a marketing communications or technical writer, including small and large agencies. Working with me means you’ll be in direct contact with the expert writing your marketing communications and technical materials, not an account manager acting as a middle man between you and your writer. Feel free to take a closer look at my expertise and references, my sample portfolio, and read the 7 reasons why you should hire me.

Writing is my specialty and my vocation. I have about 15 years of experience writing hundreds of marketing communications materials for dozens of companies in a variety of industries. I do have over 10 years of experience writing for the industrial automation, industrial equipment and high tech industries, but I’m comfortable writing almost anything.

I believe well-crafted written materials that tell a compelling story and educate your prospects about your products or services  are more effective than the “shove it down your throat” approach. A well-written marketing material or technical paper can help position your company as the expert in your field. When you help your customers make an educated purchasing decision, you will not only gain the sale but also the respect and loyalty from their customers.

There are the marketing communications and technical writing services I handle most often. Don’t see your writing need on the list? Just ask!

Marketing communications materials:
– Brochures & datasheets
– Catalogs & booklets
– Print newsletters / email newsletters
– Blogging
– PR: press releases, public relations, media / press relations
– Internal relations/communications
– PowerPoint presentations
– Product launches
– Print and online advertising
– Sales & marketing promotions

Technical writing:
– Technical articles
– Technical tips
– Case studies
– Success stories
– White papers

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